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Nails Services

Regular Full Set $30 & Up
Regular Fill $20
Regular Fill + Cut Down $25
Full set P&W $55
Fill P & W $45
Full Set With White Tips $35 & Up
Ombre Full Set $60
Ombre Fill $50 & Up
Color Acrylic $50 & Up
Healthy Nails on Natural Nails $40 & Up
P & W Healthy Nails on Natural Nails $50 & Up
P & W Healthy Nails with tips $55 & Up
Healthy Nails Ombre $60 & Up
Healthy Nails Ombre with tips $65 & Up
Liquid Get Full Set $50 & Up
Liquid Get Fill $40 & Up
Chrome $15

Kid's Menu

Kid P/C hands $10
Kid gel manicure $28
Kid gel polish change hands $18
Kid gel polish change toes $23
Kid gel pedicure $38
Kid manicure $12
Kid P/C toes $13
Kid Pedicure $23


Signature Pedicure 30 minutes $30
Treat yourself to a Spa foot soak! Toenails trim/reshaping “buffering” “cooling gel” “cuticle treatment” “cleanup” “lotion massage” “warm towel wrap” polish of choice.
Please Me! Pedicure 40 minutes $40
Relieve your tension by relaxing in a massage chair while your feet are given a warm bubble bath, which includes: *nails trim or reshaping *buffering *cuticles conditioned "calluses smoothed "exfoliation, *minty cooling gel *feet wrapped with warm towels for a tingling, smoothing fresh feeling. This pedicure is completed with a feet and calves massage with soothing lotion and professional polish.
Indulge Me! Pedicure 50 minutes $50
(Highly Recommended)
Melt your stress away with this special pedicure which will leave your feet feeling not only relaxed but silky smooth and perfectly moisturized. This lovely treatment with our cleansing Sugar Scrub and Vitamin E will remove old dry skin, moisturize, and will leave your feet and calves glowing. Enjoy our beautiful eucalyptus foot mask with our sensual massage that will melt your tensions and stress away and will make your feet feel refreshed. Pedicure includes *Spa foot soak *trimming/ reshaping toenails *buffering “cuticle treatment/cleanup *sugar scrub *foot mask *callus treatment *lotion massage, and warm towel wrap "finished with a polish of choice.
Chamomile Spa Pedicure 55 minutes $53
The Chamomile pedicure is bright crisp and contains a herbaceous scent of chamomile resembling ripe apples. The benefits of Chamomile can be used both internally for body and the mind, and externally to soften and soothe skin troubles such as acne eczema and burn. Its essential oils are perfect for a relaxing aroma therapy ‘massage to sooth sensitive, dry, irritated skin. This pedicure help treats infected skin and reduces bacterial infection.
Aroma Spa Pedicure 57 minutes $55
“Jasmine” “freesia” “lavender” “cherry blossom”
Spa Pedicure plus Aroma spa combined all the advantages of a Spa Pedicure, along with physical and therapeutic benefits of essential oils for the ultimate relaxing spa experience. There are many ways of utilizing essential oils, however, the most effective methods are direct inhalation and baths, Aroma Spa Pedicure adopts all three methods, offering the complete application of essential oils.
Pamper me! Pedicure 60 minutes $60
For that special someone or to simply indulge yourself with the ultimate pedicure. Take a journey to an extraordinary level of luxury, leaving you with a sense of well-being. Pamper Me! Pedi is filled with an infusion consisting of 11 vitamins, selenium, along with antioxidants and conditioner to moisturize, smooth, and polished the skin. A warming water-activating foot scrubs warming action helps to open pores, allowing (for deeper penetration. Enjoying our beautiful eucalyptus massage foot mask with our sensual massage) that will melt your tension and stresses away and make your feet feel refreshed. This perfect balance of nourishment provides the nutrients vital to healthy skin renewal and provides complete relief to tired aching feet. This Pamper Me! Pedicure includes *spa foot soak *trim/reshape “buffing “cuticle treatment & cleanup sugar scrub “foot mask “callus treatment “oil massage *and 10 min paraffin treatment warm towel wrap finished with a polish of choice.
Ultimate Hot Spring Pedicure 60 minutes $65
*On Sen"
The Ultimate Spring Pedicure is known to have many skin and medicinal benefits. A combination of the hot water and minerals in On Sen Ultimate Spring Pedicure opens up clogged pores and removes toxins, leaving skin soft and beautiful. It also can help reduce and relax the muscle and joint pain. This pedicure includes all the advantages of a Deluxe Pedicure.
Ultimate Jelly Pedicure 60 minutes $65
Lavender, Aloe Vera
*Jelly-Pedicure is truly a unique spa
Pedicure experience!
*Jelly-Pedicure tums water into a luxurious encasing comfort, providing the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles.
*When Jelly is added to warm water, it becomes a translucent, fluffy jelly, which will retain heat up to four times longer than regular water.
This Pedicure Includes:
The Jelly Ultimate Pedicure includes all the benefits of a Deluxe Pedicure along with Aloe Vera Extracts. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin acting as a burst of hydration for dry and stressed skin. The bits of jelly work as a natural exfoliate while plant oils deeply moisturize skin. The highlight of this experience is soaking in this gelatinous foot bath. Massaging Jelly into the skin and muscles, stimulating senses that have never been touched.
Pearl Spa Pedicure 60 minutes $65
An exotic beauty secret from the deep blue sea, this PEARL POWDER contains over a dozen different minerals that help moisturize and protect skin from UV Rays, promoting healthy and youthful skin. This Authentic PEARL POWDER contains 31% Calcium and 56% Protein as well as an assortment of Amino Acids. Pearl Powder is a natural moisturizer that renews skin cells, enhances elasticity, and brightens even and smooth skin texture.
* Pearl Powder absorbs oils & Impurities.
Pear Powder keeps skin clear & smooth, leaving it with a sheer radiant glow.
Pearl Powder filters the sun's rays.
Pearl Powder contains 20 amino acids.
Pearl Powder contains a natural moisturizer.
Pearl Powder contains proteins that can help renew skin cells.


Regular P/C Hands $15
Regular P/C Toes $20
Gel French $8 & Up
V Gel French $15
High Gel French $15
Mani Gel $30
Pedi Gel $45
Regular Mani $20
Regular Mani & Pedi $50
Gel P/C on Hands $20
Gel P/C on Toes $25
Signature Pedi $30
Please Me! Pedi $40
Indulge Me! Pedi $50
Pamper Mel Pedi $60
Jelly Pedi $65
Ultimate Spring Pedi $60
Green Tea Pedi $65


Eye $12 & Up
Lip $10
Chin $12
EB + L/C combo $30
Full Face $40
Sideburns $12
Eyebrows tinting with wax $30
Under Arms $25
Half Arms $40
Full Arms $50
Full Legs $70
Half Legs $50 & Up
Chest $50 & Up
Full Back $70 & Up
Bikini $45 & Up
Brazilian $70 & Up